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Car Insurance for Rental Cars

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If you are renting a car, you will need car insurance and if possible, the cheapest car insurance. If you already have insurance on your private car and it includes collision, then this may be adequate cover to rent a car. You might not be aware but a car insurance review might be just the thing you needed to make an informed decision.

Before renting a car, you will need to find out exactly how much coverage you have within your own policy. In most cases, your coverage and the deductibles that you have on your car insurance policy will be enough for a rental car. This is only if you use the car for pleasure and not for business.

If you’re not comprehensively covered (or not covered for collision), then you won’t be covered in if your rental is stolen or involved in an accident. Individuals who don’t have any private car insurance at all have two further options. They can either buy coverage for the rental car at the counter or buy a non-owner insurance policy. If all that seems too much for you, then you will definitely want to read a car insurance review that will facilitate your understanding. And yes, it will help you find the cheapest car insurance.

Buying car insurance from the counter will cover a car for being damaged or stolen (although the policy may be void if speeding, driving illegally or under the influence of drink or drugs). The usual cost ($9 to $19) for this insurance is calculated by the day. Individuals who have comprehensive cover on their own vehicle will not have to buy this insurance when renting a car.

You can also buy other policies from the counter such as:

• Liability insurance

• Personal accident insurance

• Personal effects coverage.

Some car rental companies do put all of these into a single policy, so always make sure you check the terms and conditions and make sure you’re covered for what you need. Also, with a car insurance review, you can browse through some of the existing offers and get a general idea, especially when it comes to finding the cheapest car insurance.

If you decide to purchase the non-owner rental insurance, this will cost around $300 a year. This may be extremely useful for frequent travellers or those who intend to rent a car for a long time. However, this type of rental car insurance does not include collision coverage. What collision coverage will do is protect you if you crash into a car or someone crashes into you. Check with your credit card company as sometimes they offer this type of insurance if you pay with your card.

If you use your own insurance when renting a car and have an accident, you may affect the future price of your insurance premium. You are effectively driving your own car so you need to be as alert and as careful as you would be in your own vehicle.

Knowing the opinions of others can be helpful in many cases and that is also valid for those trying to obtain the cheapest car insurance. A car insurance review presents all aspects related to holding such a policy and might provide you with useful insight!

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