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Kids, Cars And Car Insurance: Advice For Nervous Parents

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If you have a child who has just turned 16 (or is going to turn 16 soon), you are probably a nervous wreck. Sitting in the car while they are practicing is enough to give you a mild heart attack, because of the way that they handle themselves in traffic. After they get their license, you aren't going to be able to sleep at night knowing that they are out alone in your car. Plus, your car insurance rates are going to go up and cost you an arm and a leg now.

Ever since your teenager turned 13, they have probably been begging you to buy them a car for their 16th birthday. If you can, you may buy them a used car that is safe and big enough, so that when they get into their first crash they will be alright. But, along with this car, you are also going to have to get good car insurance that will cover them when they hit their first parked car on a snowy day, get rear-ended for the first time, and so on.

When shopping for car insurance quotes, you may be tempted to go with the cheapest quote. When getting these car insurance quotes, you are going to see a wide array of options and prices, and it can be really confusing. It can kind of be like comparing apples and oranges, because the cheap car insurance that you get for about $100 a month for your child might actually be more expensive in the long run than a policy that is a bit more expensive and costs $120.

When purchasing car insurance, you are going to have to make sure you are comparing apples with apples and oranges with oranges. You may want to look at your car insurance and see about getting a policy that is similar to yours. When talking to the insurance agent, you may decide to up the liability insurance, in case your son or daughter causes an accident.

The first place that parents should look for car insurance when trying to get a policy for their teen son or daughter is from their own insurance company. A lot of places will give you cheap car insurance if you have more than one car or more than one driver insured at the same place. You might get a 10% discount, which can add up to hundreds of dollars over the course of the year. Another thing to consider is to get car insurance from a company that offers other insurance for your family, for example, from the same company that offers your home owner's insurance.

Car insurance for teenagers can be really tricky, and the best thing to do is to shop around and get quite a few car insurance quotes. Sure, you probably will end up going with the car insurance company that you originally chose for your insurance, but knowing what other companies offer for their prices will help you to decide whether or not to change plans with your teenager and get a better price. Cheap car insurance can really be deceptive, so make sure that you are comparing the car insurance you currently have with that different car insurance company is offering.

By: Brian Hickie

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